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Sell more, with good photography.

You’ve heard the quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s true, having a photo immediately gets your message across. A photo is simple and effective, but having the right photo is worth much more!

The right photo will mean the difference between a potential customer being excited about your product or service, or simply moving on.

The right photo not only provides a way for people to connect with you, but also provides the perfect way for you to connect with them. That’s why all the major social networks have a heavy focus on photography.

How can we know what good photos are?

I think it’s simple, just look at the products and services that you interact with daily! It’s not just about the quality of the photos – most of what you see in ads will have been edited and processed to show the product in the best possible way.

What’s really important is the message behind the photo.

The next time you see an ad, take a moment to think critically about the message it’s sending. What does the photo of the model with flawless makeup convey about the product being advertised? Does the photo of the SUV climbing over rocks and splashing through mud match with the message of the company?

That’s how you find good photography. Good photography has a purpose, to grab your attention and deliver a message. The next time you’re choosing photos to help sell your product or service, ask yourself how the ones you chose help support your message.

Then use them everywhere and often!

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